Advanced Digitial I/O Module for APx B Series Audio Analyzers
Enhanced capabilities for AES, SPDIF and TOSLINK

The APx ADIO (Advanced Digital I/O) module provides AES3, AES/EBU balanced digital I/O on XLR; unbalanced SPDIF digital I/O on BNC; and TOSLINK optical digital I/O. “Advanced” in the ADIO module’s nomenclature reflects its ability to generate impairments for sophisticated test of devices via AES/SPDIF/TOSLINK, a feature that is unavailable in the DIO module (Digital I/O; standard on APx52x B Series and APx58x B Series analyzers). ADIO also includes the Advanced Master Clock (AMC) module.

Advanced Master Clock
The AMC module handles input and output clock signals to synchronize APx B Series analyzers with external equipment (or vice versa). This module also enables jitter generation and analysis in APx B Series analyzers with Advanced Digital (ADIO), Digital Serial (DSIO) or PDM modules installed. The AMC module is standard on B Series APx555 analyzers, and is included with the ADIO module option for APx52x B Series and APx58x B Series analyzers.

Unbalanced: SPDIF-EIAJ per IEC60958
Balanced: AES-EBU per AES3-1992
Optical:  TOSLINK® or equivalent

Sample Rate Range
27 kS/s to 200 kS/s (electrical)
27 kS/s to 108 kS/s (optical)

Sample Rate Accuracy
±3 ppm

Output Amplitude Range
Unbalanced: 0.0 to 2.50 Vpp into 75 Ω
Balanced: 0.0 to 8.00 Vpp into 110 Ω

Output Amplitude Accuracy
Unbalanced: ±(8% + 20 mV)
Balanced: ±(10% + 80 mV)

Input Amplitude Measurement
Unbalanced: 0 to 2.50 Vpp, ±(5% + 6 mV)
Balanced: 0 to 8.0 Vpp ±(5% + 25 mV)

Compatible Instruments
Standard – APx555
Optional – APx525, 526, 582, 585 and 586

Full Specifications: For full specifications on the APx Advanced Digital I/O module, please see the Installation and Specifications Guides for any of the modular APx audio analyzers:

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