Lower the cost of precision and increase productivity

Combine the ease of use and cost efficiency of the APx517B Series acoustic audio analyzer with the new EQ 40PM microphone with EQset, and benefit twice.

This bundle provides production test environments with high precision at a very low cost – delivering the same high measurement accuracy, reproducibility, and easy setup that you have come to expect from both AP and GRAS.

And to make things even better, we’ll include the EQ 40PM microphone as a gift and a token of our appreciation when you order the APx517B Series acoustic analyzer.

Included in the bundle you’ll find:

The APx517B Series acoustic audio analyzer:

Specifically designed, configured, and priced to meet production-line needs. Setup with this analyzer is quick – about five minutes out of the box – and it’s the perfect match for testing speakers, microphones, headphones, headsets, and a wide range of consumer electronics containing speakers and microphones.

The EQset 40PM microphone:

the latest microphone innovation by GRAS, EQset microphones provide reliable, high precision measurements to the system without the need for additional corrections or calculations. This greatly simplifies microphone setup, monitoring, and replacement on existing production lines.

Ease of Use

APx517B Series acoustic audio analyzer
The APx517B is simple to set up—in fact, we have designed this “one-box” solution specifically for production testing. Combining an audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with optional digital interfaces, the APx517B can drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time.

EQset 40PM Microphone
The EQset 40PM works out of the box and is far superior to any comparable production line solution. Setting up, checking, and replacing a microphone in the production setting can happen quickly and easily without any kind of individual microphone adjustment or calibration.

Cost Efficiency

APx517B Series acoustic audio analyzer
The APx517 is priced right with everything included, and in most scenarios, the setup only requires the connection of a power cord, a USB interface to a computer, a speaker connection, and the measurement microphone.

EQset 40PM Microphone
EQ 40PM is a very price-competitive, user-friendly solution that allows the user to perform acoustic measurements without the hassles typically associated with setup time, validation, downtime, or time for replacing microphones. The EQ 40PM can be powered by CCP or by using phantom power (a convenient power source on an audio card).