Production TestProduction Test

Regardless of any inherent complexities associated with testing a specific audio device (e.g., the importance of fit in headphone measurement), the production line test application presents its own set of unique challenges.


In comparison to electronic (analog or digital) audio test, evaluating the acoustic performance of loudspeakers presents several complexities, including measurement equipment and the test environment.


While there is a fundamental similarity between the test method for loudspeakers, and testing headphones or earbuds, however, the latter is complicated by their mode of use.

MEMS Mics and Mic ArraysMEMS Mics and Mic Arrays

The heart of any smart device is the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), enabling the use of voice commands which are acquired via the integrated MEMS microphone or an array of such microphones (mics).

Smart DevicesSmart Devices

At the core of the smart speaker is the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), enabling the use of voice commands. This same IVA technology is being added to all sorts of appliances, such as thermostats, set top boxes, etc.


As a technology, Bluetooth is effectively a part of everyday life, a fact that reflects its great utility. That flexibility is used in a wide range of consumer devices from headphones to vehicle infotainment systems.