Audio Analyzers

Audio AnalyzersQuantifying the audio performance of a device can be a challenge. From evaluating frequency response to THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise), engineers designing and manufacturing audio-capable devices are tasked with determining the measurements to assess a device’s performance. An audio analyzer is an essential instrument throughout the development and production process, whether the device is a prototype IC or a newly manufactured smartphone. Measuring signals with precision and accuracy over a wide frequency and amplitude range, an audio analyzer, and its analysis software, provides insights into a device’s performance quickly.

Audio analyzers can be used for a wide variety of devices, applications, and industries. From serving an R&D department to validate and characterize a device’s performance, to providing a production line with pass/fail results across a plethora of parameters for the assembled product, the diversity of devices requiring audio evaluation—whether analog, digital or electroacoustic—is vast.

APx500 Audio Analyzers

APx517 B Series Acoustic Analyzer

As the newest member of the APx platform, the APx517B, is an integrated acoustic test system, comprised of an audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with digital interface options. Built for production test applications for evaluating headphones, headsets, microphones, and speakers, this instrument provides fast setup and reconfiguration, paired with reliability and quality that has been part of Audio Precision’s reputation for over 36 years. 

APx500 Flex

The APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer allows the user to choose an ASIO-capable audio interface (otherwise known as a “soundcard”) to pair with AP’s versatile and powerful audio measurement software, APx500. Users can customize their APx500 Flex instrument by both channel count and measurement options, with the ability to add individual measurements as needed based on their specific test requirements. Learn more about the APx500 Flex here. With APx500 Flex, manufacturers can cost-effectively deploy the measurement capabilities, flexibility and quality of APx software to their production lines.

APx515B Series

Created for the production test application, the APx515B is a two-channel audio analyzer, which provides agility, superb test automation options, reliability and straightforward operational procedures. For manufacturing environments, where turnaround time (TAT) is key, the APx500 measurement software’s ability to perform key audio measurements in seconds is a feature that pairs well with the APx515 analyzer’s performance: typical THD+N of –106 dB, 1.2M point FFTs and up to 216k digital I/O.

525B APx52x B Series

Bridging the gap between performance and an array of digital I/O options, the APx52x is designed for engineers seeking an analyzer that combines two channels (APx525) or four channels (APX526) with fast and reliable test performance. Offering a modular chassis, the APx52x B Series allows users to customize the instrument’s I/O to their specific needs. Available modules include PDM (Pulse Density Modulation), Bluetooth®, digital serial (I2S, TDM, etc.), HDMI and more. Engineers needing a higher-performance option should review the APx555, and those needing multichannel capabilities should evaluate the APx58x B Series audio analyzers.

APx582 B Series Eight-Channel Modular Audio AnalyzerAPx58x B Series

Delivering multichannel capabilities, the APx58x B Series audio analyzers provide 8 simultaneous analog outputs and inputs. For engineers focused on the design of pro audio products such as mixing consoles, or those wanting to evaluate the performance of a home theater receiver, the APx586 adds a second input module. This provides 16 simultaneous analog input channels.

555B ADIO PDM DSIO BTAPx555 B Series

Unrivaled in performance by any other audio analyzer available, the APx555 is a two-channel instrument primarily designed for research and development engineers requiring the utmost in analog performance. This analyzer offers the same variety of digital I/O options as the APx52x and APx58x Series analyzers, utilizes the same capable and intuitive APx500 measurement software, while delivering the market-leading typical residual THD+N of – 120 dB.

APx511 B Series Hearing Instrument Audio AnalyzerAPx511 B Series Hearing Instrument Audio Analyzer

For engineers who need an audio analyzer to evaluate a hearing instrument, the APx511B Series Audio Analyzer provides the measurements and I/O vital to the production test process. Combined with AP’s signature performance and reliability, the APx511 can also be used in research and development, helping engineers evaluate a device’s signal quality.

Unmatched Performance

AP audio analyzers provide more connectivity options with higher performance specifications than any other analyzer in the world. Every interface option is fully integrated into our software, eliminating uncertainty and enabling faster test setup, while our test software provides unique measurement views and results that are trusted everywhere.


Delivering analog, digital and acoustic test capabilities in single instrument, APx500 Series analyzers are the epitome of versatility.


From the lowest THD+N and crosstalk to the flattest response and widest bandwidth, Audio Precision analyzers are at the forefront of audio measurement.


Beyond traditional analog and digital audio interfaces, AP analyzers offer options for Bluetooth, Digital Serial, HDMI and PDM connectivity. Likewise, AP instruments are designed with automation in mind, supporting (model dependent) LabVIEW, VB.NET, C#.NET, MATLAB, AP Basic or GPIB.


Choose from analyzers with native two-, four-, eight-, or sixteen-channel configurations.

Accredited Calibration

AP is accredited by A2LA under ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the most stringent standard. Calibration provides documented and traceable verification that instruments meet or exceed all of their published specifications.

Audio Analyzer Accessories

Dedicated hardware accessories and internal modules to expand analyzer functionality.

APx1701 Transducer Test Interface
SWR-2755 Switcher
AUX-0025 / 0040 / 0100 Switching Amplifier Measurement Filters
DCX-127 Multifunction Module
PSIA-2722 Programmable Serial Interface Adapter
Option Filters & Pre-Analyzer AES17 Filters
PDM Line Driver
Measurement Microphones & Acoustic Test Accessories
Cables, Rackmounts & Other Accessories


There is a wide array of measurements available for the evaluation and characterization of a device’s audio performance. While measurement selection can vary depending upon the specific device and application, there are six measurements that tend to be fundamental and applicable to a majority of devices:

  • Level
  • Frequency Response
  • Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N)
  • Phase
  • Crosstalk
  • SignaltoNoise Ratio (SNR)

To learn more about these measurements, and ways to improve your audio test procedures, read more on our blog:

About Audio Precision

Audio Precision brings over 35 years of innovation to audio test and measurement, manufacturing high-performance audio analyzers designed to evaluate audio signals, including analog, digital, and electro-acoustic devices. Learn more about audio analyzers and review our technical library and blog for further resources. Contact us with questions at [email protected].