Audio Analyzers

Measuring Signals with Precision

An audio analyzer is an essential instrument throughout the development and production process, whether the device is a prototype IC or a newly manufactured smartphone. Measuring signals with precision and accuracy over a wide frequency and amplitude range, an audio analyzer and its analysis software, provides insight into a device’s performance quickly.

APx511B Series Hearing
Instrument Audio Analyzer

For engineers who need an audio analyzer to evaluate a hearing instrument, the APx511B provides the measurements and I/O vital to the production test process.


APx515B Series

Created for the production test application, the APx515B is a two-channel audio analyzer, that provides agility, superb test automation options, reliability and straightforward operational procedures.


APx517B Series Acoustic Analyzer

Built for production test applications for evaluating headphones, headsets, microphones and speakers, the APx517B instrument provides fast setup and reconfiguration, paired with reliability and quality that has been part of AP’s reputation for more than 36 years.


APx52xB Series

Bridging the gap between performance and digital I/O options, the APx52x is designed for engineers seeking an analyzer that combines two channels (APx525) or four channels (APX526) with fast and reliable test performance.


APx555B Series

Developed for R&D engineers and production technicians who need the highest possible performance, the APx555B delivers a broad range of digital I/O options and fast, intuitive software.


APx58xB Series

For engineers focused on the design of pro audio products such as mixing consoles, or those wanting to evaluate the performance of a home theatre receiver, the APx586B adds a second input module. This provides 16 simultaneous analog input channels.