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APx on the Manufacturing Line

While it could be argued that the title of this latest post should more appropriately be “APx517B on the Manufacturing Line”, such an approach would be a disservice to all the APx515 analyzers already installed on production lines, as well as the APx585 units similarly installed and devoting their eight channels to allow testing of multiple devices at once. It would also be disrespectful to the recently introduced APx500 Flex audio analyzer, specifically intended for very cost-sensitive production test applications.

With that said, the APx517B is a game changer when it comes to production line testing of acoustic devices: headphones, speakers and speaker drivers, headsets, microphones, or any of the myriad electronic products with integrated speakers and/or microphones (e.g., “smart” devices).

Fast Setup
The purpose of any production line is to produce, not sit idle. So, the primary goal in test system setup—whether setting up a new system, calibrating the system for a new shift, or reconfiguring the system for a change in the device type being tested—is to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this requirement in mind, the APx517B was designed. As an integrated system—combining audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, microphone power supply, and optional digital interface—the APx517B can significantly reduce setup and reconfiguration time by eliminating multiple individual components (from a variety of vendors) and their associated cabling. Additionally, all Audio Precision analyzers are supplied from the factory calibrated, eliminating the need for setting of input and output gain or sensitivity constants. For a demonstration of how quickly the setup is, make sure to check out the Out of the Box videos on the APx517B page.

Video: Out of the Box - APx517B & Speaker Test SetupReliability
Although any system providing faster setup is intriguing, it doesn’t mean much if you can’t rely on the system. That is not the case with the APx517B, an integrated system engineered and assembled to the same standard as all other APx analyzers. Unlike the assortment of individual, off-the-shelf components that comprise most acoustic production test systems, the 517 is delivered with a three-year warranty and accredited calibration, backed by Audio Precision’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Manufacturing tends to be very cost sensitive and that sensitivity extends to any production test system. As a system specifically developed for manufacturing test, the APx517B is offering AP performance and reliability at a production test price. With a US price of $6,000 USD, the analyzer has all the capability required to test analog headphones, speakers, drivers, and microphones on a production line. Options are available for testing devices with digital interfaces such Bluetooth, I2S/TDM, PDM, or HDMI. Configuring the system for specific DUT, interface or measurement requirements is equally affordable for manufacturers. From base model to more advanced configurations, the APx517 is priced to compete with systems assembled from separate software, soundcard, amplifiers, mic power supplies and digital interface devices, even while eliminating the extra time needed to assemble such systems.

APx500 Flex
As mentioned at the beginning of this post, APx500 Flex, Audio Precision’s APx500 software paired with an ASIO-capable audio interface, remains an ideal test solution for very cost-sensitive analog-only test applications. For mid-range analog test and digital test applications—Bluetooth® headphones, smart speakers as examples—the APx517B acoustic analyzer, with robust, integrated hardware, digital interface options, and accredited calibration, is the optimal choice.

For additional information on the production test application, APx517B, APx500 Flex, and acoustic accessories or test fixtures, please visit:

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