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The Benefits of APx500 Software Subscriptions

APX500 subscriptions allow you to choose any version of APX500 you want and any APX500 measurements you may want to use. Best of all, it’s provided at the lowest possible cost, based on an amortized monthly price. Who wouldn’t want an APX500 subscription when it grants you access to the best of everything? 

Now, one might wonder, do they really need everything? Think of APX500 as a software buffet. With a subscription, you now find yourself with access to the most efficient versions of the test/measurements that are perfect for your specific needs. This buffet of options is the beauty of the subscription model. 

The subscription includes updates like: 

  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise) results using the FastSweep stimulus in Continuous Sweep, Acoustic Response, and Loudspeaker Production Test.
  • Enhanced FFT analysis capabilities.  
  • Cutting-edge loudspeaker Rub & Buzz detection with Rub & Buzz Loudness and SoneTrac Rub & Buzz. 
  • Transfer Function / Dual Channel FFT analysis – Measure non-linear, time-variant systems with speech, music, or noise to simulate real-world use cases, and so much more.  

Choose from a one-, three- or five-year subscription license for access to all APx500 software and measurement options, except PESQ and POLQA, for the duration of the license.  

To wrap things up, let’s consider what you’re getting with the software subscription.  

  1. Access to any version of APx500 software 
  2. Access to any APx500 measurements you choose. 
  3. All at the lowest possible cost 

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