APx ABC-MRT Plugin

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Create DateMarch 27, 2018
Last UpdateNovember 30, 2022

Measuring speech intelligibility is an important capability for engineers designing and validating a wide range of communication systems, products and components, especially those related to public safety (e.g., police, fire, emergency) where intelligibility is critically important.

The APx ABC-MRT plugin is a software option for APx500 audio measurement software that provides speech intelligibility measurement based upon the ABC-MRT speech processing algorithm developed by the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) of the United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

Technote 134: ABC-MRT in APx Audio Analyzers


  • The ABC-MRT plugin is a software option and requires the purchase of an iButton (APX-SW-ABC-MRT) for measurement functionality. Download and installation of the plugin, without an iButton, enables the measurement in demo mode only.
  • APx ABC-MRT plugin requires v4.5.2 or later of APx500 audio test software.
  • The ABC-MRT plugin utilizes real speech as its stimulus. For speech intelligibility measurement using noise-based stimulus, please see the APx STI plugin.
APx AbcMrt PluginSetup
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