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Audio Precision presents regular seminars on audio and electro-acoustic test around the world. We cover best practices for characterizing various devices, look at common mistakes to avoid, and give practical advice on automation as well as what to look for when setting up a test program.

Getting the Most Out of Your APx
Audio Precision invites you to this one-day seminar on APx audio analyzers. We will review what is new in APx as well as how to use the tools available in both Sequence Mode and Bench Mode. Best practices will be discussed for both electrical audio testing as well as acoustical testing covering devices such as digital converters, loudspeakers, Bluetooth™ devices, smart speakers and more. Applications such as speech intelligibility and speech quality will be reviewed as well.

Seattle, WA – August 22, 2019

Advanced Audio Measurements for Automotive & Infotainment Systems
This one-day seminar will focus on advanced measurement methods required to fully characterize automotive audio and infotainment systems. This seminar assumes that the attendee will already be familiar with the Sequence and Bench Modes of APx500 audio measurement software. Topics include the following:

– Using real-world signals (music and speech) to ascertain distortion modes that may not be revealed with traditional sinusoidal-based methods
– Open-loop measurements using stepped-sine, multitone, and log-chirp excitation
– Perceptual measurements of Bluetooth speech and music codecs
– Characterizing audio delay of analog and digital signal paths
– Mapping subject assessment of music quality (musical transients in particular) to objective measurements

Chicago, IL – September 24, 2019
Detroit, MI – September 26, 2019

Audio Precision @ Industry Events

Industry Events

AES International Conference on Headphone Technology
When:   August 27-29, 2019
Where:  San Francisco, California, USA

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AES International Conference On Automotive Audio
When:   September 11-13, 2019
With:     ADMESS Vertriebs GmbH
Where:  Neuburg an der Donau, Germany

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ICSA 2019
When:   September 26-28, 2019
With:     ADMESS Vertriebs GmbH
Where:  Ilmenau, Germany

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AES New York 2019
When:   October 16-19, 2019
Where:  New York, New York, USA

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EUHA Congress
When:   October 16-18, 2019
With:     ADMESS Vertriebs GmbH
Where:  Nuremberg, Germany

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