FAQ – Audio Precision Acquisition by Battery Ventures

Q: I heard Audio Precision’s been acquired – is that true?
Audio Precision has been acquired by Battery Ventures (BV), a global investment firm. BV has a significant amount of assets and the intent is to continue to invest in, and grow, Audio Precision (AP). Since AP was privately held, the terms of the transaction are not public.

Q: Who is Battery Ventures?
Battery Ventures strives to invest in cutting-edge, category-defining businesses in markets including software and services, Web infrastructure, consumer Internet, mobile and industrial technologies. Founded in 1983, the firm backs companies at stages ranging from seed to private equity and invests globally from offices in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, London, Israel and New York. Follow the firm on Twitter @BatteryVentures or visit their website at www.battery.com.

Q: What does this mean for AP?
A: We’re excited about this as it is an excellent opportunity for AP, and supports our ongoing goal of providing powerful, versatile audio measurement solutions to our customers as they design, manufacture and test innovative solutions ranging from semiconductor devices to consumer, automotive, and professional audio products.

Q: Does this change how I purchase AP equipment or receive technical support on my audio test applications?
A: No, we will continue to operate under the Audio Precision brand and our team of sales, technical support and operations staff will continue to support our customers worldwide, as we have done since our founding 34 years ago. We remain committed to providing high-quality, reliable and capable audio test equipment.