The APx KeyBox is a hardware security module that must be mounted on any Legacy APx audio analyzer to enable APx500 v4.6 software or later. APx software version 4.6 or later (e.g., versions 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0) will not operate (except in demo mode) without a properly authorized APx KeyBox mounted on the analyzer. Video: Introducing the APx KeyBox

Please use the form below to submit a request for an APx KeyBox.

Note: each APx KeyBox is instrument-specific. When placing a KeyBox request, you will need to include your analyzer’s serial number. An analyzer's serial number can be found on the Calibration Label on the forward edge of the top cover. It can also be found on the Configuration Label (APx555, 52x, 58x) or Serial Number Label (APx511, 515) on the rear of the instrument.

The first APx KeyBox issued for a specific analyzer serial number is provided free-of-charge.  Replacement KeyBoxes are available for a $115 fee (excluding shipping charges, which are the responsibility of the analyzer owner). Questions? Please see the APx KeyBox FAQ. 

Shipping Information
Audio Precision Service
c/o Axiometrix Solutions
9290 SW Nimbus Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97008
United States
Purchase Order #:
AP does not require a purchase order when requesting an APx KeyBox. The field below is only provided for your use should your organization require such documentation.
Tax / Customs ID #:
For international shipments only and dependent upon the customs requirement of the country to which the APx KeyBox is being shipped.
Up to ten APx KeyBox requests may be submitted per form completed.
All KeyBoxes requested will be shipped to the address indicated above and each requires a valid APx analyzer serial number.