Audio Precision Releases APx Software Version 5.0

Adds transfer function measurement, enabling cross-spectral analysis of arbitrary, broadband signals

BEAVERTON, OREGON, December 18, 2018: Audio Precision announced today the availability of APx audio measurement software version 5.0. With this release, AP has added the ability to measure the transfer function of electronic audio and electroacoustic devices using any broadband signal. Release 5.0 also enables electronic activation of software option licenses, eliminating the iButton requirement for such options with earlier versions of APx audio measurement software.

</a> Example test results—Impedance magnitude, phase and coherence—of a loudspeaker tested using a noise signal with the APx500 software version 5.0 transfer function measurement capability.

Transfer Function

The transfer function measurement provides the complex frequency response function for a device, including the magnitude and phase (or real and imaginary components), using any broadband signal. This feature, a powerful addition to APx software’s Sequence Mode, allows any APx analyzer to be used as a multichannel dynamic signal analyzer or as a so called dual-channel FFT analyzer. With transfer function and any broadband signal, including speech, music, or noise, APx users can now assess the complex frequency response, coherence, and impulse response of their device or system. AP’s transfer function provides gapless and overlapped analysis of multiple acquisitions. It also includes a ground-breaking signal-based triggering that eliminates the need for a pilot tone in open-loop test applications, making it ideal for test of “smart” audio devices.

APx500 Version 5.0 & Software Licensing

With release 5.0, Audio Precision is adopting a software licensing model that better reflects the added value of new capabilities, such as the transfer function measurement, and the organization’s continued investment in developing new APx software features. As part of this change, AP will move to establish an annual cadence of major releases with new features and measurement capabilities.

Beginning December 18, new APx analyzers, whether B Series or Legacy, will ship with version 5.0 software and one year of software maintenance, effectively licensing that instrument for APx version 6.0 when it is released, as well as any minor releases that occur between versions 5.0 and 6.0.

“Adjusting our approach to appropriately recognize the value of our software alongside our hardware is overdue,” said Mike Flaherty, Audio Precision Chief Executive Officer. “Establishing our new software licensing model does just that, while it also establishes a consistent release cadence as we continue to enhance the capabilities of the APx platform. All while providing market-leading, and complimentary, technical support to our customers, regardless of instrument generation.”

Release 5.0 is now shipping with all new APx audio analyzers, B Series or Legacy, and is compatible with all analyzers in the APx500 Series. An APx KeyBox is required to run v5.0 on Legacy APx analyzers and a KeyBox is shipped with all new Legacy systems. Software licensing, including specialized measurement options, will be tied to a specific analyzer (via serial number) and can now be fulfilled electronically. APx500 software v5.0 requires Windows 10 or Windows 8 64-bit operating systems.

About Audio Precision

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