Sonova Group Adopts Audio Precision APx511 Audio Analyzer for Worldwide Production Test of Hearing Devices

Created on 2013-10-16 20:23:00

APx511 improves production test ROI with reduced test times and easier automation

October 16, 2013 — EUHA Congress, Nuremberg — Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced a major customer win in the hearing health care industry.

Citing the need for a reliable provider of fast, high quality production test equipment at a reasonable cost, Sonova Group, the largest hearing health care company in the world, has adopted the APx511 hearing instrument audio analyzer for production test across the organization. Brands within the Sonova Group include world leaders Phonak and Unitron.

“We implemented the APx511 across multiple production lines in several countries and are seeing huge savings in test time and ease of integration within our software development environment, “ says Carl Blackwood, Manager, Test & Configuration Systems, Unitron, the group responsible for production test systems at all Sonova manufacturing sites worldwide. “Audio Precision is considered a Tier one supplier not only because of their top quality products but also because of their excellent service and responsiveness to our needs.”

Working closely with the Test & Configuration Systems engineering team, AP has decreased Sonova’s per-unit test time by 15%,while delivering more accurate measurements than their previous solution.

Sonova is a high volume customer, adding APx511 stations for their group companies located around the world. This month the Test & Configuration Systems engineering team added support for APx511 into their production test control software, allowing drop-in replacement of APx511 over older competitive equipment.

About APx511

The APx511 is a low cost, high speed production test audio analyzer with an in-line 2 watt loudspeaker amplifier and telecoil amplifier. On the input side, APx511 has a  24 VDC constant current supply for pre-polarized measurement microphone.

APx511 can run all the tests described in IEC60118- 7 and ANSI S3.22, the two standards that define hearing instrument tests for Europe and America respectively. For the production environment, these functions can be called from any .NET-capable language or LabVIEW to control the APx511’s output and measurement settings. In addition to standard audio tests such as level, distortion, frequency response, and attack & release, APx511 can measure battery current using its built-in battery simulator circuit.

All AP audio analyzers ship with an ISO:17025 accredited calibration, three year warranty and free technical support for life.

The Audio Precision APx511 is intended to be used for verification of product performance during hearing aid production for quality control purposes, and verification of performance for hearing aids returned for evaluation or service.  It is not, nor is it intended to be used as a Medical Device. The APx511 is not intended to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and is not intended to be used in or on the human body.

Price and availability

The APx511 and related accessories are now available to hearing aid manufacturers. APx511 analyzer US list price is $9500. Accessories such as measurement microphones and couplers, in both ½ inch and 14mm sizes are sold separately.

For more information, please contact your local Audio Precision sales partners or visit the AP website


About Audio Precision

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