Shipping Instructions
Safely returning your instrument for factory service and calibration

Prior to shipping your instrument, please first schedule the service. To schedule service, please review our Service Request page for guidance or call us and we will send you the required forms.

International customers should contact their local AP Sales Partner to arrange Service before shipping anything to Audio Precision’s headquarters. Please review our special guidelines for returning products from outside the U.S. before shipping items to AP.

We strongly recommend that original packaging for your AP instrument be used when returning products; you may order replacement packaging when placing a service order.

IMPORTANT: Do not send your unit for service without obtaining a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

Shipping Information
Audio Precision Service
c/o Axiometrix Solutions Inc
9290 SW Nimbus Avenue
Beaverton, OR, USA 97008

Shipping Contact
Telephone: (503) 627-0832 ext. 5
U.S. toll free: (800) 231-7350 ext. 5
Fax: (503) 574-2791
Email: [email protected]

Returning Instruments from Outside the U.S.
When returning items to Audio Precision we ask that you follow these guidelines. Each return shipment must include an invoice, as all goods entering the U.S. need a Commercial Invoice to facilitate U.S. Customs clearance.

If you choose to create your own invoice, it is important that your invoice be very descriptive. Your invoice should include the following:

  • Test Equipment with model number
  • Serial number (if applicable)
  • Defective board
  • Choose one of the following:
    • Return for Repair
    • Return for Upgrade
    • Return for Calibration
    • Return for Re-Stock
    • Return for Defective Equipment or Board
  • Return of USA made goods
  • Value for Customs

IMPORTANT: if you are using a common carrier or freight forwarder (NOT UPS, Fed-Ex or DHL), please ensure your carrier informs Audio Precision’s broker:

NNR Global Logistics USA Inc.
12815 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR, USA 97230
Phone: +1 (503) 408-6892
Fax: +1 (503) 408-4858
[email protected]

Information needed by our broker:

  • Airbill
  • American Goods Return Certificate (if applicable): This certificate is required for customs clearance if the value of the shipment is $1,250.00 or higher. Click here for an Adobe Acrobat PDF copy of this document that you can complete and print.
  • Repair Request Form (if applicable): If your return shipment is for a repair, please complete a Service Request Form.

NOTE: All shipments should arrive FREIGHT PREPAID. It is very important that you fax all documents to Audio Precision as soon as possible.