AP Basic RS-232 Failure

Created on 2010-07-28 18:48:00

If you have recently upgraded your PC operating system or have installed or uninstalled certain software, the RS-232 support in AP Basic may have been corrupted.  The following error message is produced when this occurs:

“Communications control MScomm32.ocx could not be loaded.”

Extract “MSCOMM32.OCX” from the linked .zip file download below, and place it into the “C:WINDOWSsystem32” folder. Then go to the Start Menu, select Run… , and copy the following into the dialog box:

regsvr32 C:WINDOWSsystem32MSCOMM32.ocx

After you press OK, you should get a dialog that indicates that the OCX registration was successful.

Now, AP Basic macros using RS-232 commands should be working properly.



AP2700 AP Basic RS-232 OLE Control (49.48 KB)

Installation of this file restores RS-232 control in AP Basic macros, where the original file has gotten corrupted or is not provided by the operating system (Windows Vista and 7). See the related KB article for installation instructions. When the file is corrupted or missing, the following error message appears:

"Communications control MScomm32.ocx could not be loaded."

This issue has been corrected in AP2700 v3.30 SP1. We recommend that you download and install SP1 or later instead of just replacing this file, as it addresses some other issues as well as adds a driver for 64-bit versions of Windows.