APx Text Display in International Versions of Windows

Created on 2010-02-04 22:36:00

When using APx software in international (non-English) versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7, especially those with non-latin character sets, the English text in the APx software may get truncated, continue outside of button and box boundaries, and/or cover up other interface elements. To fix this issue, you may reduce the size of the English text in APx by following the steps below. Note that this setting will not affect the font size of the core operating system language. For example, on Chinese Windows, the size of Chinese characters will not be affected.

A portion of the Interchannel Phase measurement, showing Signal Path Setup and Advanced Settings overflowing the button borders with the default font.

Caution: The following involves modifying the system registry. You should back up the registry before modifying it. The Windows Backup tool may be used to do this.

  • Go to ‘Start’ -> ‘Run’ and type ‘Regedit’.
  • Navigate to:
    “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionGRE_Initialize”
  • Windows Vista and 7 only:
         Right click on ‘GUIFont.Facename’ and select ‘Modify’.
         Change the value to ‘Microsoft Sans Serif’ then click ‘OK’ to save the change.
  • Right click on ‘GUIFont.Height’ and select ‘Modify’.
  • Change the value to ‘8’, then click ‘OK’ to save the change.
  • Restart windows.

Note: If your version of Windows does not have these keys, then it will not be possible to separately control the size of the English text in APx.