Benefits of Warming Up

Created on 2008-07-11 13:16:00

Before performing a system Self Test (called Performance Check for some models), adjustment, or calibration we require that an instrument be warmed up. This is important because the resistance and noise of almost every electronic component vary with temperature. This is reflected in the operating temperature range we specify for our instruments. By warming up an instrument you insure that all the components have reached a uniform operating temperature. It will also drive off any moisture that may have condensed inside the unit.

We recommend that instruments be warmed up a minimum of 20 minutes before the Self Test (Performance Check) is run, 30 minutes before an adjustment is performed, and 2 hours prior to instrument calibration. It is especially critical that an instrument be warmed up if it has just come out of the shipping container. We recommend that an instrument be warmed up for 2 hours before any use after first being received.

AP instruments contain extremely sensitive, precision analog circuits. Proper warm up will insure proper and accurate measurements.