I2S jitter measurement with the SYS-2722

Created on 2009-04-16 20:57:00


I want to measure jitter on the I2S output from my ADC. Ihave the SYS-2722 and the PSIA-2722 serial interface. How can I set up thismeasurement?


We are not able to measure jitter on the PSIA (receiver) or parallelinput (on the rear of the instrument). What you should do is connect the bitclock (BCK) from your DUT (Device Under Test) to the unbalanced (BNC) digitalinput #1 of the analyzer. You can then use the Digital Interface Analyzer (intervu)program as shown in the accompanying test file example “jitter PSIA BCK to AES BNC.at27.” This test file will measurejitter on the square wave on the bit clock or frame clock (but not the masterclock or data lines) from your DUT.

Please note that the unbalanced digital input (BNC) has amaximum input level of 5 Vp.

slx 4056


AP2700 I2S Jitter Measurement Test (94.00 KB)

This file accompanies the knowledge base article "I2S jitter measurement with the SYS-2722." It demonstrates how to measure digital interface jitter using the digital unbalanced input of the instrument.