Importing data into MATLAB

Created on 2009-01-15 20:38:00

Question: Is it possible to extract the raw data (after A/D conversion) from the SYS-2722 or ATS-2’s DSP analyzer input? I would like to import the data to Matlab for analysis.

Resolution: AP’s MATLAB Toolbox is a set of MATLAB functions for 2700 and ATS-2 analyzers allowing you to:

  • Read Audio Precision downloadable filter files into MATLAB
  • Write filters to Audio Precision downloadable filter files
  • Pre-equalize an audio signal before downloading it into the Audio Precision arbitrary waveform generator
  • Read Audio Precision acquired waveforms and arbitrary waveforms into MATLAB variables
  • Write waveforms to Audio Precision arbitrary waveform and acquired waveform files



Matlab Toolbox (22.63 KB)

Set of MATLAB functions for audio applications such as reading and writing waveforms and filters for 2700, ATS-2, and APx500