Interrogating Installed Hardware in the 2700 and on the APIB Bus

Created on 2009-04-16 23:17:00


How can I determine what options are inside a System Two Family / 2700 Series instrument and what's on the APIB bus?


On the back of the instrument is a label that lists all the installed options. If the instrument has only been serviced by AP, then this label will be accurate. However, in some environments such as manufacturing, options may get exchanged between instruments without the label getting updated.

In manufacturing, specific instrument hardware may be required for an automated test system to function properly. The macro file below interrogates the instrument and APIB interface to determine what is hardware is available. It uses the immediate Window in the Macro Editor to display a t
extual list of the available hardware. Modifications to the Sub Main routine can be made to use this in your automated test system.

slx 4011


AP2700 Instrument and APIB Bus Hardware Interrogator Macro (9.30 KB)

This AP2700 macro interrogates the System Two Family analyzer and APIB bus, and displays a list of all attached instruments and options.