Locking APx Project Files

Created on 2010-11-24 19:17:00


Is there a way to make an APx500 project file tamper proof, so that projects can not be altered by production operators?


There is a feature built into APx500 to make projects tamper proof. To access it, select File > Lock Project. You will then be presented with the dialog box below:


fig1 (4)






Enter and verify a password. Click Lock and Save to save the file under the current name, or click Lock and Save As… to save the locked version under a new file name. A production operator can use a locked project to start a pre-defined sequence, verify the results on screen, and interact with sequence prompts, without the possibility of changing the sequence itself or the measurements.

To unlock a locked project file, select File > Unlock Project. Then enter the password and click OK.