Making loudspeaker impedance measurements using the ATS-2

Created on 2009-01-08 19:33:00

AP has created two macros and associated tests that are used to make loudspeaker impedance measurements with the ATS-2.

SpeakerZ.atsb uses the 600 ohm source option (ATS2-600Z) for the ATS-2, with the speaker connected to the Channel A Analog Balanced Output. It measures the impedance over a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range.

The Amp-SpkZ.atsb macro does not require the 600 ohm output option and uses a series sense resistor. Depending on the loudspeaker, the ATS-2 generator may be able to drive the speaker. In other cases, an amplifier should be added to the signal path to drive the speaker. Follow the steps below for using this macro:

   1. Connect the Channel A Analog Balanced Output to the amplifier and the amplifier output through a series resistor to the speaker.

   2. If an amplifier is not used, connect the Analog Generator output through the series resistance to the speaker.

   3. Connect the Channel B Analog Balanced Input across the sense resistor.

   4. After the connections are made, run the macro for the desired test method and follow the instructions.

   5. The graph will display the impedance measurement in ohms vs. frequency.


Ref: SLX 3795 / Bill Rich 


ATS-2 Loudspeaker Impedance tests (19.52 KB)

ATS-2 Loudspeaker Impedance files associated with KB article 105