Printing from Portable One and ATS-1

Created on 2008-07-11 13:10:00

Several third party manufacturers sell Parallel to USB adapters for converting the data sent from a parallel port to USB.

The AP Tech Support Department recently tested three different USB printers with current and discontinued models of the Portable One and ATS-1 using an “Lpt2USB Parallel To USB Printer Adapter” (Item#122 0202,, $79.99).

The Lpt2USB adapter

Please note these findings apply only to the test setup described below. We cannot guarantee the results of your particular printer or Parallel to USB adapter.

Test summary

  • Current model P1s and ATS-1s printed successfully.
  • Older models (the discontinued original P1 & ATS-1, and P1 Plus) were not compatible with the Lpt2USB adapter and were unable to print.

Table of test results

AP Instrument Result Production status
P1 Access Print OK In production
P1 DD Print OK In production
ATS1 Access Print OK In production
ATS1 DD Print OK In production
P1 Print Failed Discontinued September 1995
ATS1 Print Failed Discontinued September 1998
P1 Plus Print Failed Discontinued March 1999

Printers Tested

  • HP Business Inkjet 2300
  • Ricoh Laser AP610N
  • HP Deskjet 825c


  1. The Deskjet 825c indicated an error condition, but the print was OK. No errors were reported by the other printers.
  2. Printer must be PCL Compatible (HP’s Printer Command Language).
  3. Instrument must be set to PCL Print Mode.
  4. AP does not support third party applications or products unless specifically stated.