Reinitializing ATS-1 and Portable One

Created on 2010-11-18 22:45:00

Question: How do you reinitialize the ATS-1 or Portable One?

Answer: To reinitialize an ATS-1, Portable One, or Portable One Plus:
Press and hold the Output Analog/Digital select button while turning ON the AC power switch.

To reinitialize an ATS-1 Access, ATS-1 Dual Domain, Portable One Access, or Portable One Dual Domain:
Press and hold the Zero dB button while turning ON the AC power switch.

Reinitializing an ATS-1 or Portable One resets all test settings and measurement units to their factory defaults. It does not erase any saved tests in the user memory.

Reinitializing is recommended before running the Self Test to clear any changed settings that may cause it to erroneously fail.