Self Test (Performance Check) vs. Calibration

Created on 2010-01-21 00:36:00


What’s the difference between a Self Test (Performance Check) and a Calibration?


Self Test (Performance Check)

Audio Precision’s Self Test (called Performance Check for some instruments) uses an instrument’s own internal audio generator and analyzer to test itself. No external test equipment is used during the Self Test (Performance Check) process. Self Test (Performance Check) provides a quick way to verify that an instrument is performing as a system within specifications. It’s a good idea to run the Self Test (Performance Check) on a routine basis, as well as before calling AP for service. A Self Test (Performance Check) is available for every AP instrument, and may be downloaded from the website.

Before running a Self Test (Performance Check), the instrument should be warmed up for at least 30 minutes so that its temperature stabilizes. Once started, the checks will run automatically and generate a report with pass/fail results as well as detailed data. Prompts will occasionally be displayed when it is necessary to connect or disconnect and external loop-back cable. External cables should be of high quality and should be kept as short as possible to assure that ambient interference does not affect the results.


Calibration compares an analyzer to recognized measurement standards using external test equipment. The accuracy of the measurement standard must always be greater than the accuracy of the measuring instrument. Calibration of an instrument provides documented and traceable verification that it meets or exceed all the published specifications. Accredited calibration adds a further degree of rigor to the calibration process, incorporating a review and on-site assessment of the calibration facility by recognized independent experts. With its 17025 accreditation, AP meets the highest standard of calibration performance. Companies that have internal quality programs typically require that their AP instruments be calibrated once a year. To arrange for calibration, please see the instructions provided in the Service area of