Setting Up AP 2700G Instruments for Use with LabVIEW

Created on 2009-11-02 21:04:00


I need to program an AP SYS-2722G with LabVIEW using the GPIB driver. When I connect the GPIB cable between the SYS-2722G and the computer, LabVIEW cannot find the instrument. Is there some set up required for LabVIEW/GPIB communication withthe instrument?


To use an AP 2700G Series instrument with LabVIEW, you first need to make sure the GPIB adapter on your PC is properly installed and working. If you look in the Device Manager on your PC, you should see an entry for a GPIB interface without any exclamation mark next to it.

Figure 1. Device Manager showing GPIB adapter.

Next, ensure that the AP 2700G is set up to use the GPIB interface, and that a valid GPIB address is selected. In the switch bank on the rear of the instrument, make sure that the left-most switch is in the GPIB (down) position. Then, select a unique GPIB address from 0 to 31 using the five address switches. The values are additive, so if 16 and 4, for example, are in the up position, the address would be 20. Make sure that the GPIB cable is securely connected and tightened, and that the APIB cable is disconnected.

Figure 2. Rear interface panel.

Once the AP 2700G is set up for GPIB, you are ready to use the system with LabVIEW. Open a blank VI, place the from the AP2700 LabVIEW driver on the block diagram, and create a VISA resource name control by right-clicking on the upper-left terminal of the VI and selecting Create Control.

Figure 3. LabVIEW block diagram with and VISA resource name control.

When the SYS-2700G is first connected, it may not appear in the drop-down list of VISA resources available in the control. If so, select the Refresh option and try again.

Figure 4. VISA resources before AP 2700G is properly configured and connected.

With the SYS-2700G properly configured and connected to the PC, the instrument shows up as a valid VISA resource in the VISA resource name control (Figure 5). In the example below, the SYS-2700 is the VISA resource at address 1 on GPIB board 0.

Figure 5. VISA resources after AP 2700G is properly configured and connected.

The AP 2700G instrument is now ready for use with LabVIEW.

SLX #4913


2700 Series LabVIEW Driver (2.12 MB)

Audio Precision has developed a complete LabVIEW project-style instrument driver for IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) equipped models of the 2700 Series of audio analyzers. This driver supports NI LabVIEW 8.20.