Turning Off the Beep at the End of a Sweep (ATS and 2700)

Created on 2009-04-16 20:09:00


How can I silence the “ding” at the end of a sweep?


For some tests that take a long time to complete, such as when a large number of FFT’s are averaged, the pleasant “ding” at the end of the sweep can be useful. However, in a manufacturing environment where you have 30 analyzers all running fast measurements, this “ding” can be quite annoying to say the least.  So just what can be done about this?

In the Windows Control Panel you can choose to turn off all sounds or only the “ding.” To do this:

1) Go to Settings|Control Panel from the Windows XP start menu.

2) Select Sound and Audio Devices from the Control Panel list.Click the Sounds tab.

3) If you wish to disable all sounds, set the sound scheme to “No Sounds.”

4) If you wish to only disable the “ding”, highlight “Default Beep” in the Program Events box and select “None” in the “Sounds” dropdown box.

5) Click OK to save and exit.

Note:  If other Windows applications use the “Default Beep,” they will also be silenced.