Using AP Basic to Control GPIB Devices

Created on 2010-11-23 22:09:00


How can I use AP Basic to control a GPIB device from the AP2700, APWin, or ATS control software?


Technote 15 “GPIB Communication from APWIN BASIC” was developed to aid in setting up the appropriate software. The setup process involves configuring interface software between your AP BASIC application and the National Instruments GPIB DLL.

Download the associated file below (Technote 15: GPIB Communication from AP Basic). The zip file contains Technote 15 (tn-15.pdf), which provides information about the GPIB setup and sample code operation. The included sample macros, GPIB.apb and GPIB.atsb, contain example code to control an Audio Precision ATS-1, Portable One Plus Access, or Portable One Dual Domain analyzer via a GPIB interface using the AP2700, APWin, or ATS control software.


Technote 15: GPIB Communication from AP Basic (739.31 KB)

This Technote describes how to setup communication between AP Basic and GPIB instrumentation (using the National Instruments GPIB Interface.)