Audio Accessories

Audio test accessories for analog, digital and electro-acoustic measurement applications

Customize your measurement system with a variety of useful accessories designed to complement your Audio Precision analyzer and facilitate audio testing whether analog, digital or acoustic.

Specialized Hardware Accessories

Audio Precision offers a number of dedicated hardware accessories and internal modules to complement your audio analyzer and expand its functionality.

Acoustic Testing: Measurement Mics, Simulators, Test Fixtures & AccessoriesGRAS Sound & Vibration Logo

For a wide range of acoustic testing hardware and accessories, Audio Precision recommends the products of our sibling company, GRAS Sound & Vibration:

  • Measurement Microphone Sets: GRAS offers a wide range of microphone sets configured for a variety of typical measurement needs, and available for both CCP and 7-pin LEMO inputs. Separate preamplifiers, mic cartridges and mic accessories are also available.
  • Acoustic Test Fixtures: Including products for ear- and headphone testing, hearing-protector testing and telephone testing, GRAS’ test fixtures are top of the line solutions to fulfill your every need.
  • Head & Torso Simulators: KEMAR meets the international standards that are specified by ISO, IEC as well as ANSI, an is the recognized industry-standard for in-situ anthropomorphic testing in the fields of telecommunications, hearing conservation, noise abatement and sound quality evaluation.
  • Artificial Ears, Ear & Mouth Simulators: GRAS artificial ears and ear & mouth simulators are designed to enable measurements under well defined acoustical conditions.


Audio Precision offers a variety of audio cables, optimized for performance and convenience, to facilitate interconnection of analyzers and devices under test.

Rackmounts & Other Accessories

Rackmount kits, both fixed and sliding, offer a convenient way to mount your AP instruments in a standard equipment rack. Additional accessories, including test discs and USB adapters, are also listed.