APx Interfaces & Modules

APx500B Series Analyzer Interfaces & Modules

Delivering connectivity with a wide array of audio formats and devices APx B Series audio analyzers provide more connectivity options with higher performance specifications than any other analyzer in the world. Every interface option is fully integrated into our software, eliminating uncertainty and enabling faster test setup, while our test software provides unique measurement views and results that are trusted everywhere.


APx B Series Audio Analyzer Modules for Digital Serial, Bluetooth, PDM and HDMI

Advanced Digital I/O (ADIO) module: Enhanced capabilities for AES, SPDIF and TOSLINK
Advanced Master Clock (AMC): Jitter Measurements, External Triggering, and Clock Synchronization for APx Audio Analyzers
ASIO interface: Direct connectivity to any PC audio interface
Bluetooth Duo module: Fully-integrated Bluetooth Audio Test Solution
Digital Serial I/O (DSIO) module: Multichannel, multi-format Digital Serial I/O for IC testing
PDM 16 input module: 16-channel solution for MEMS microphone array testing
PDM module: Direct I/O, modulation, and decimation for powerful test and analysis of PDM devices
HDMI+ARC module: Comprehensive HDMI and Blu-ray audio testing
A2B: Closed-loop, multichannel audio performance testing of A2B via APx audio analyzer and Mentor A2B analyzer

APx1701 Transducer Test Interface

For electroacoustic test applications, the APx1701 Transducer Test Interface combines instrument-grade amplifiers and microphone power supplies for designers and production test engineers seeking clear insight into the behavior of loudspeakers, headphones and microphones. An acoustic test accessory, it is directly integrated with APx500 audio measurement software and requires an APx B Series analyzer.


APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer &
Third-Party Audio Interfaces

The APx500 Flex audio analyzer allows you to select the ASIO-capable audio interface of your choice to use along with AP’s versatile and powerful APx audio measurement software.

Danville Signal dspInstrument spDAQ
Echo AIO-A2

Lynx Aurora (n)
Lynx E22
RME Fireface UC
RME Fireface 802