DAC Testing with APx500 Software

Utilizing APx500 software, learn how to evaluate the performance of DACs, including setup and key measurements.

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How to Plot Multiple Measurement Data Sets on One Graph

Learn how to conduct measurements on a batch of devices and display results on one graph for comparison.

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Loudspeaker Test Methodologies

New Video! Mike Martin walks through key loudspeaker test methods, typical test setups and then demonstrates a variety of measurements.

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Measurement Automation & Production Test with APx

New Video! In this session, Joe Begin provides a detailed discussion of how to use a variety of automation and production (or manufacturing) test-oriented features.

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Audio Test Sessions with APx | Video: Introduction to APx500 Software

Designed to educate engineers and technicians about everything from specific audio measurement applications to getting started with APx, Audio Test Sessions with APx are more in-depth tutorials on audio test.

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Loudspeaker Acoustic Measurements in Ordinary Rooms

The Acoustic Response measurement in the APx500 software provides a solution for measuring a loudspeaker's frequency response without an anechoic chamber. 

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The “Big Six” Audio Measurements – Part II

The measurements of “The Big Six” include phase, crosstalk, and the signal-to-noise ratio. What are they and why are they important?

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The "Big Six" Audio Measurements - Part I

In audio test, there are a small number of performance benchmarks that are most important when evaluating a device-under-test (DUT). We call them “The Big Six” measurements.

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Setting the APx Generator Level for Arbitrary Waveforms

In this post, we describe the relationship between the Generator Level setting and the measured level for arbitrary waveforms, as well as a procedure to help choose an appropriate Generator Level control setting.

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Visit AP in 2020!

We will be exhibiting at several tradeshows throughout the year, and our partners around the globe will be showcasing our products.

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Bluetooth Audio Testing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up the APx Bl

For users getting familiar with the Bluetooth Duo module, here is a step-by-step guide to configure APx500 software (Bluetooth Duo requires v4.5 software or later) and pair it with your device-under-test (DUT).

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Bench Mode vs. Sequence Mode

These two modes of operating the APx500 software represent not just two different approaches to how the software is used, but also two different signal processing approaches.

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Using Sound Cards for Audio Measurement

With the introduction of APx500 Flex, Audio Precision is making it possible to use APx500 software with a third-party audio interface.

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