Why Sine Waves and Why Are They Important?

Why are almost all audio measurements made using a sine wave as the test or stimulus signal? Why is audio test equipment uniformly focused on sine waves?

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FFT Spectrum and Spectral Densities – Same Data, Different Scaling

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis, which converts signals from the time domain to their frequency domain equivalent, is incredibly useful in audio test.

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THD and THD+N – Similar, but not the same

THD and THD+N. They are closely related, but there’s an important difference between them that is often overlooked.

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Improved Polar Plot Utility

Users can automatically transfer the measured directivity data to a contour plot in a third-party software package called VACS.

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New Feature in APx500 v5.0.1: Fixed Analog Output Range

Using APx500 software version 5.0.1, users can configure the analog generator to stay in a fixed output range. This is useful for testing acoustic devices and electronic devices with sensitive input stages.

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Analog Input Ranges in APx500 Audio Analyzers – What you Should Know

Using version 5.0.1 of APx500 software (released April 2, 2019), users can configure the analog generator to stay in a fixed output range. This is especially useful for testing acoustic devices, and some electronic devices.

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What's Special About Audio Test?

There are a couple of things that make audio signals and their measurement unique. From the human ear to the total amplitude range of audio signals, we find one significant truth.

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Transfer Function Measurement & APx Software v5.0

With the release APx500 software version 5.0, AP has added transfer function measurement capability, enabling cross-spectral analysis of arbitrary, broadband signals.

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Upcoming Events: AISE 2019 & InfoComm 2019

Join AP for the first time at “the largest audio/visual technology event in the USA,” InfoComm 2019. We’ll be demonstrating a variety of audio test applications there, and at AISE 2019 in Florida, USA.

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APx555 B Series & ADC Test Mode Option

In addition to improved performance specs, the new B Series APx555 offers an ADC Test Mode software option which provides VBias, a common mode DC Bias.

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