The Complete Mic Test Solution

TELEFUNKEN Leverages Audio Precision Technology for its New Microphone Testing Lab

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Innovating Sounds for a New Class of Guitar Pedals with Audio Precision

Keeley Electronics has shipped over 2000 of their new 4-in-1 pedals, with zero reported field-failures after implementing Audio Precision analyzers into their production processes.

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Between the Soundwaves: The APx Analog Generator

An APx515 customer asked, what’s the right way to load the analog generator output of the APx515? Especially: What is the lowest resistive load allowable for the generator output? What is the output impedance of the generator output?

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10 Ways to Reduce Testing Time in APx500 #apx500 #audioanalyzer #testingspeed #audiotesting
From Frustration to Automation: How APx500 Software Transforms Audio T

The APx500 software is a powerful tool that offers users the flexibility and control needed to automate, integrate, and customize their audio testing processes in a wide array of scenarios. By understanding the capabilities of the APx500 software and its API, you can leverage them to streamline your workflows, enhance productivity, and create custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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The Benefits of APx500 Software Subscriptions

Benefits of APx500 Software Subscriptions

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Hearing Aids are Truly Unique—from an Audio Test Perspective

Hearing aids are truly unique from an audio test perspective being one of the few audio devices that has both acoustic input and output.

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Stereo Power Amplifier Test Session

Learn about applications, and you’ll get tips and tricks of test and measurement

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The Big Six Audio Measurements

Benchmarks. They are vital to ensure the R&D team produce a compelling new product or service and are essential on the production line of a manufacturing facility.

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APx500 v7.1 — Expanding the Scope of Units of Measure

Scale any input in either the native unit domain of that physical input or in Volts, FS, Pascals, or Amps.

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The Cost of Production-Line Audio Testing

Learn how Audio Precision analyzers are the reference for most other audio measurement systems.

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Improved FFT Spectral Analysis Using APx500 V7.0

Learn how Audio Precision has significantly improved the usability of both the Bench Mode FFT Analyzer and the Sequence Mode Signal Analyzer

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